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My resume is available here. You can read my Masters Thesis here.


You can find good information about red flags for autism here. Sign up for their video glossary to view videos of typically developing youth and those who display autistic behaviors.


The Autism Society has good information about autism and also a useful database of local resources.  You can also search for a local support group.


You can view videos of discrete trial teaching and other teaching methods at the Association for Science in Autism Therapy.  They also provide a good description of Applied Behavior Analysis. 


At The Behavior Analyst Certification Board you can look for Board Certified Behavior Analysts in your area as well as read a clear definition of the role of a BCBA.


The Association for Behavior Analysis International has a useful frequently asked questions section for parents wanting to know more information about behavior analysis. 


Another professional website for behavior analysts, the Association for Professional Behavior Analysts offers news updates on their home page.  They recently linked to an article on autism treatment in the Chicago tribune.


You can read the details of the autism insurance bill passed in 2009 here.